What is a CT Meter?

A CT meter is simply a meter that is used in conjunction with instrument transformers known as current transformers. These are also known as CTs. In electrical metering, meters are divided into two types. There are self-contained meters. In addition there are transformer-rated meters. Transformer-rated meters are also known as CT meters.

What are the characteristics of a CT meter?

The characteristics of a CT meter include its ratings. CT meters now are generally rated at 20 amps. This means that the current coils of the meter are capable of handling 20 amps. You may think that this is low. But, remember that CT meters are used with CTs. Also remember that CTs have outputs determined by their ratios. They are rated with an output on the secondary side of 5 amps. If you remember, when using the rating factor of a CT it is possible for the CT to put out 20 amps.

CT meters also have voltage ratings. Many of the meters now are multi-range. This means that the meter can sense the incoming voltage and adjust its calculations based on the incoming voltage. Most meters now show the voltage on the display. Before digital meters, one had to be careful to make sure that the meter with the correct voltage rating was chosen.

What types of CT meters are there?

When talking about meter types what we are really referring to are the meter forms. Meter form numbers are used to designate what type of meter we have. These meter form numbers help us to decide which meter to use in which installation based on Blondel’s Theorem.

The normal transformer-rated meter form numbers are as follows:

Form 3s

Form 4s

Form 5s

Form 9s

Now remember that these are the most common. There are more.

Where will you find CT meters?

CT meters are installed on services that are too large for self-contained services. This normally means services that are larger than 200 amps. Although there are now self-contained 320 amp meters as well as 400 amp bolt in meters. CT meters are also used whenever PTs, potential transformers, are used to step down the voltage.

Large residences, commercial and industrial buildings, hospitals and schools are all examples of where you will find a CT meter installed.

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